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Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railroad's team brings over 30 years of combined experience from large Class I railroads, to short line rail operations, to intra-plant switching. Summarized below is our full range of services. Whether you're a short line railroad, a plant railroad, or other rail equipment operator our team can assist you in assessing your vulnerabilities and offering solutions. Contact us today to see how our team can assist you with taking your operation to the next level.

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Railway Tracks

Process Improvement and Risk Assessment

  • Assess existing rail operations for inefficiencies and suggest opportunities for improvement.

  • Perform safety audits and recommend changes to rules and procedures.

  • Develop customized operating procedures manuals to meet the needs of client operations.

Industrial Railroad Operations Training

  • Ideal for a wide variety of plant railroad operations such as refineries, chemical plants, mines, steel mills, and more.

  • All training is conducted in-person and on-site and consists of a blend of classroom and "on-the-job" training.

  • Customized courses can be structured to cover basic operation of railroad equipment, safe work practices, locomotive inspection and startup/shutdown, and air brake principles.

Federal Regulatory Compliance

  • For clients under Federal Railroad Administration regulations, our team brings experience in various areas of compliance including...

    • 49 CFR 217/218 Railroad Operating Rules/Practices

    • 49 CFR 219 Drug and Alcohol Testing

    • 49 CFR 225 Accident and Injury Reporting

    • 49 CFR 240 Engineer Certification

    • 49 CFR 242 Conductor Certification

  • Perform internal audits to identify weaknesses in programs and recommend improvements.

  • Assist clients with post-audit correctional actions such as improved record-keeping practices, training, etc.

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