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What is the Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railroad?


The original Cleveland Terminal & Valley Railroad Company (CT&V) was founded in 1895 from the ashes of the Valley Railway Company. It operated from Cleveland through Akron and Canton to Mineral City, Ohio with much of the route running through the Cuyahoga River valley. The CT&V was a subsidiary of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and became one of its main routes into Cleveland. Through mergers, the CT&V became part of CSX Transportation and existed on paper until it was merged out of existence in 1998.


Throughout its history, the original CT&V played a vital role in the industrial development of Cleveland moving passengers and goods between Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Mineral City, Ohio. The contemporary Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railroad was founded in late 2020.

CT&V incorporation document

Original CT&V incorporation document.

Why restart a "dead" railroad?

There were multiple factors that lead to our decision to re-establish the Cleveland Terminal & Valley Railroad.

  • Our leadership met and worked together on one of the surviving portions of the original CT&V’s track that is now preserved by the National Park Service.

  • Our company operations are based in greater Cleveland and the type of service we provide is “terminal” or switching service.

  • Our leadership has great appreciation and support for railroad preservation and education.

Original CT&V steam engine in 1909.

Contemporary CT&V engine in 2021.

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