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railcar switching services

Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railroad is your complete switching service solution. Contact us today to see how our team can assist you with taking your operation to the next level.

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CT&V uniforms with logos and American flag patch
CT&V locomotive

Safety in Operations

  • Moving railroad equipment is dangerous, specialized work. Don't settle for fly-by-night, bargain operations when it comes to handling your equipment and commodities!

  • Annual safety and operating rules training and periodic compliance monitoring keeps our team moving your goods safely.

  • Daily job briefing forms and operating procedures are customized to meet the needs of your facility.

  • Day-to-day reporting sheets are fully auditable by safety and customer management teams in concise, easy-to-read formats.

Clear and Secure Radio Communications

  • Our team can bring its own radio communication system to limit interference with client operations.

  • Radio communications are conducted on American Association of Railroads (AAR) frequencies enabling interoperability with connecting carriers.

  • Communications can be set up for analog or digital transmission. Digitally encrypted options are also available for clients sensitive to information security concerns.

  • Our radio systems are equipped with noise-cancellation technology and "emergency alarm" features to alert other crew members to a fall or other emergency.

  • Radio systems are intrinsically safe to enable our crews to work safely around hazardous materials.

Professional, Customer-focused Service

  • CT&V Railroad switches on YOUR schedule. Contracts can be customized with various options including multiple shifts, multiple crews, and emergency call-in coverage.

  • You can decrease or eliminate switching, weighing, and demurrage charges as our switching rates are less than a typical line-haul carrier's tariff switching rates.

  • Our team members wear easily identifiable, high-visibility uniforms for a safe and professional appearance.

Reliable Motive Power Solutions

  • No locomotive? No problem. We partner with a quality locomotive supplier that can provide and support reliable, turn-key motive power as part of your switching solution.

  • We'll work with you to determine the best fit for your operation from large 6-axle locomotives to small railcar movers.

  • Our team performs daily locomotive inspections to ensure each locomotive is in safe condition and ready for the day's operations.

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